Climate, creativity and health: Toolkits & further information

Toolkits & resources

No climate action without us

How to include disabled people in live event sustainability

Creative Carbon Scotland

The Library is a database of inspiring case studies demonstrating the benefits of collaborating with artists to achieve environmental sustainability outcomes. It provides a practical resource to inform sustainability organisations and campaigns on how to work with ‘embedded artists’ over extended periods through examples of successful past projects.

Fit for the Future

An environmental sustainability network with over 150 charities, heritage organisations, cultural venues, public sector bodies and more in its membership

Greening Arts Practice Guide from Chrysalis Arts

A free guide for artists and arts organisations who want to develop a more environmentally responsible arts practice.

Creative Climate Justice Guide (Julie's Bicycle)

"In April 2022, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the final report of its sixth comprehensive review of climate change. The report [...] recognises that the historical and ongoing drivers of climate and environmental destruction lie in colonialism. [...] we need arts and culture to lead the way..."

Home Survey Tool for Theatres

The Home Survey Tool helps theatre owners and operators work out how to make their buildings more sustainable. It’s specifically designed for existing buildings.

Green Up Your Digital Work

An event with CHWA, Julie's Bicycle and Fast Familiar that may help you reduce the carbon impact of your online and digital work.

Kids in Museums resources

To help museums support youth climate activism and collaborate with young people on events, exhibitions and debates

Heritage Responds

Heritage Responds highlights the positive contribution heritage organisations and their partners are making to the climate change debate and the actions needed to adapt to a changing world.

Julie's Bicycle Spotlight: Transitioning to net zero

This guide provides an overview of Net Zero and what it means, why we need to achieve this, and how.

Museums Association resources

The MA resources include "How to write a carbon management plan and tap into environmental grants".

Resource exchanges / community scrap shacks

Use these to reduce your use of materials, which can also often be returned to the exchanges after use.

LIFE Survey- developed by Happy Museums in partnership with Daniel Fujiwara, Oxford University and Social Value UK

A free to join research project into cultural wellbeing, which will help you to evidence the impact of your service or project robustly. It is especially useful for organisations that want to encourage participation and activism, and that are working with their community, on ‘place-making’ or with the wider environment.

Further information - things to read, listen to, or watch

Climate panel at A Culture of Care (CHWA conference April 2021)

This panel was part of A Culture of Care, our national conference in April 2021. We're making it public now after COP26 recognising the increased importance of discussing climate in relation to creativity, health and wellbeing.

Chair: Hilary Jennings (Happy Museums); Panellists: Alistair Gentry (Artist), Farhana Yamin (Think & Do Camden), Frances Northrop (independent researcher), Farah Ahmed (Julie's Bicycle), Jennifer Farmer and (in absentia) Zoë Palmer (A Dream (ing) Field Lab, Season for Change)

CHWA's Climate Emergency Declaration

Our declaration is based on a template provided by Culture Declares EmergencyPlease visit their site to find out how you too can declare.