Research and evaluation

Embrodied creative response to CHW21 Conference
Geraldine Montegomerie (LAHWN)

I want to find research and evaluation of other projects...

This page will help you find evidence of how creativity and culture works in relation to health and wellbeing. Scroll down to link to our evaluation page, which will support you if you want to evaluate your own work.

MARCH Research Corner

This collection of the latest research relevant to culture, health and wellbeing was active for three years until September 2021 and remains a vital archive of studies on a huge range of topics.

Centre for Cultural Value Research Digests

The CCV research digests explore the evidence to present a snapshot of current research and thinking in a variety of areas.

A coproduced research agenda (2020) for mental health

Fancourt, D., Bhui, K., Chatterjee, H., Crawford, P., Crossick, G., DeNora, T. & South, J. (2020). Social, cultural and community engagement and mental health: cross-disciplinary, co-produced research agenda (2020). BJPsych Open 7(1).  

Repository for Arts & Health Resources

The Repository for Arts & Health Resources focuses on evaluations and "grey literature", often commissioned by the organisations running the projects and written by external partners like universities.

Evidence can take many forms. Please refer to our Case Studies and to Learning from Experience for other ways of telling the story of culture, health and wellbeing. We have also been gathering evidence of the work happening across the sector since the lockdown, which you can find here.


I want to evaluate my work...

Read more here on our evaluation page, including frameworks and guidance.