#CHWAdeclares Twitter Chat

Climate protests on Waterloo Bridge, April 2019
Climate protests on Waterloo Bridge, April 2019

The Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance is hosting its first Twitter Chat during the week of the Global Climate Strike to discuss our draft emergency declaration and to find out how we can contribute to changing the direction of climate change and environmental degradation. We will follow this up with further Chats this October.

We will be looking at two lists, published by New Internationalist and by Ed Gillespie, and seeing how cultural organisations and individual artists might build on these...

Here’s what New Internationalist says:

  1. Make it global
  2. Support frontline struggles
  3. Create alternative visions
  4. Target fossil-fuel companies
  5. Look after those who got us here

Here’s another list – from Ed Gillespie

  1. Declare climate emergency
  2. Carbon Zero is the goal
  3. Employees’ Assembly
  4. Embrace activism
  5. Enable action
  6. Play with others
  7. Pause and reflect