Creative Crunch: October 2020 in collaboration with Age of Creativity

CreateSpace arts for wellbeing project, Birmingham Museums Trust/Creative Health CIC/Rita Patel
CreateSpace arts for wellbeing project, Birmingham Museums Trust/Creative Health CIC/Rita Patel

Do you remember, in the olden days, when we went to conferences and randomly met the most interesting people over lunch? We miss that kind of networking- and from the sounds of it, you do too.

The Age of Creativity and Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance have teamed up to run a series of weekly, lunchtime ‘creative crunch’ sessions throughout October, starting on the 1st.

These are not seminars, they don’t have an agenda and are entirely there to support you to network with people on topics that you are interested in. These zoom events will be kicked off by a colleague working in field and then opened up for facilitated discussion. These questions were raised as areas of interest during the summer:

  1. Could postal projects be our creative response to reaching the most isolated communities? 1st October, 12-1pm, zoom.
  2. Is the phone our new creative medium that connects people to creativity and culture? 8th October, 12-1pm, zoom.
  3. Is there a way of bringing those on digital platforms together with those who are not (in a ‘blended’ approach accessible to all)? 15th October, 12-1pm, zoom.
  4. How do people living with dementia access the creative offer right now? 22nd October, 12-1pm, zoom.
  5. How the *&!£ do we evaluate work in a crisis? 29th October, 12-1pm, zoom.

*Each of these topics will include a chance to explore what this means for our super-diverse communities AND how our change in practice could support a lower carbon footprint long term.

We won’t be taking notes and we won’t be sharing next steps after the event- that bit is up to you.  What we will do, is point you towards our new Age of Creativity networking pages to connect you with one another and provide you with a chance to continue the discussion with the interesting people you meet in the ‘room’. 

If you would like to take part in one or more of these events then please email farrellrenowden@ageukoxfordshire for more details.