Yorkshire and the Humber

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Courtney Spencer

Each region is represented by two champions: one from the museums sector and one from the arts sector, each working with health and wellbeing. The regional champions are working with the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance in a voluntary capacity. Become a member and join the conversation.

Deborah Munt, regional champion for Yorkshire and Humber
Deborah Munt

Deborah Munt
Director of Ministry of Others and Co-Director of Three Ways East

Deborah Munt is a Co-Director of Ministry of Others in Huddersfield and Three Ways East in Hull as well as a freelance developer, deviser and consultant in arts and health and socially engaged arts practice.  She was the Chair of the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing before it became the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance in 2018.  She is now the Regional Champion for the Yorkshire and Humber area on the CHWA Steering Group.  She was also a Steering Committee member for the International Culture, Health and Wellbeing Conferences, Bristol, June 2017 and 2013 in Bristol. 

She has worked in the field for 23 years, devising work that enables people and places to flourish, in hospitals, health centres, care homes, mental health services and in communities, neighbourhoods, streets and in people’s homes.  She has particular interest in developing provision for culture amongst those who have had little opportunity to engage and in how the intellectual and emotional capabilities of artists, alongside their artistic ones, can benefit society at large.

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Juliet Nowell
Head of Communications, NHS England

Juliet Nowell is currently Head of Communications for Personalised Care at NHS England. She has a wide range of professional communications skills, including events management, strategic communications and stakeholder management. Juliet has honed these skills in her extensive career as a communications specialist in regional television, wildlife film-making, animation and 18 years in the public sector. 

She manages the communications for the national Social Prescribing programme in her full time role and has seen first-hand the powerful and positive impact creative, cultural and other social activities can have on improving people’s health and wellbeing. With a passion for the arts, Juliet volunteers regularly at Leeds Playhouse theatre as a member of the front of house team and is part of a pop choir singing and performing in and around the Leeds area. She enjoys visiting art galleries, cinema and attending live music events. Juliet is married with two children.

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El Stannage
Theatre Maker and Researcher

El is a queer, disabled theatre maker and researcher with a lifelong passion and commitment to bringing arts practice and health together. Their Ph.D. in facilitated arts in mental health practice has brought insights into the national and international landscape of creativity and health. Combined with El’s creative practice and lived experience of disability, their knowledge bridges the worlds of practice and academia, community arts, and health. 

Their work is centred around a passion for bringing theatre and creativity to people who might not usually access the arts, amplifying voices, coproduction, and making exciting theatre experiences that speak to everyone. They have worked in arts and health across Yorkshire for 20 years and work for darts in Doncaster and Next Door But One in York, where El is part of the leadership team. 

Events and activities

Covid 19 Response: Tea &... Check ins for the sector

In response to Covid 19 and thinking about fellow members, Sue and Deborah created a space to connect (online of course), every couple of weeks for those who fancied it or needed it.

There were no agendas. It was a space to check in with each other, share and capture what  everyone was doing (or not)...

Creative Well: A pilot self care programme for practitioners

During our Yorkshire and Humber fortnightly check-ins many important issues were surfaced, including the emotional labour involved and the toll that it takes in working in this field.  

In response to this, we offered a small number of professionals working in culture and health  the opportunity to participate in a pilot self care programme with integrative art pyschotherapist Roshmi Lovatt in Autumn 2020.

Want to be part of the future development of CHWA Yorkshire and Humber?

Deborah and Sue invited CHWA members based in Yorkshire and Humber to join them for an open discussion on Monday 19 July, 2021.

" We are considering the need to set up a regional steering group and/or other regional planning and development formats and there are different directions we can take this in.

Looking at different types of representation is key as is developing an understanding of remit. We can work on this together. We'll come to the discussion with some thoughts and hopefully you will too. "

If you were unable to attend and want to be part of the conversation, please click here to complete a survey by Friday 20th August.

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Jonathan Parker, Man About Town, Creative Frame CIC

A Call Out: Do It Yourself Together!

We are putting a call out for people to contribute to a programme called Do It Yourself Together. This would provide an opportunity for members in Y&H to discuss topics or work areas of interest or share their work with others whilst networking and learning from each other.

We are asking CHWA members to propose ideas for sessions or events that they would like to run...formal, informal, debate, creative, information sharing, live, virtual…other...it's up to you.

The DIY together bit aims at pooling our collective resources, creativity and intelligence...sharing what we have so your proposed event would need to be organised and funded by you, with support from CHWA Champions to develop ideas, contribute on the day if that's useful and offer admin support to reach other members. 

If you would like to host a session of Do It Yourself Together, please contact Sue or Deborah for a discussion or with the basic details eg date, time, platform, max numbers, description of event content and format

Email: info@culturehealthandwellbeing.org.uk