Charities and think tanks set out pleas for next government

Civil society is calling on government to address long-term crises in health and social care in various ways:

the Campaign for the Arts has analysed the manifestos here, and drawn attention to the lack of focus on "the role of the arts in health and wellbeing, despite the significant progress that has been made in this area in Labour-run Wales".

NHS Providers has set out 5 "commitments" it would like to see from the next government, including "to nurture a thriving health and care workforce" and to reaffirm "commitment to the core values of the NHS". Read more here.

The Nuffield Trust is bringing together all its work on "the key issues an incoming government needs to address to ensure a more stable future for health and care". It also assesses existing commitments by political parties. The first two articles address NHS staffing, and adult social care. Read more here. 

The King's Fund is responding to party pledges - including Labour's pledge to progress the New Hospital Programme, and the Liberal Democrats promise of free personal care. Read more on their main page here.

Mind has responded to the general election call by saying:

There are clear solutions that would have an immediate impact on people’s lives, from reforming the outdated Mental Health Act and investing in and improving mental health services, to reforming our benefits system and sick pay to ensure our social safety net works for people with a mental health problem.

Expect more statements and guidance across health and social care charities in the coming weeks.