Hidden Lives, Hidden Gems - call for contributions

Hidden Lives, Hidden Gems is looking for contributions from creative practitioners, researchers, artists, academics and others to a workshop symposium programme, which will take place over two days in a central London location.

"We invite all participants to the symposium to host a practical twenty- five mins workshop considering alternative modes of evaluation.

The workshop findings will be shared and distributed either in a formal academic paper, or a more responsive, immediate creative output, i.e. video/ audio recordings, photographic documentation.

Proposals should be no more than 200 words long and include some details about the practical and participatory nature of the workshop, which will be 25 mins maximum. Please state your intention, your subject area/specialism and any outcomes envisaged.

Please also tell us about yourself, your work, your practice and some relevant background information. No more than 100 words or 3 minutes of audio/video.

Deadline for proposals 6th Jan 2022 - submit your abstracts via this link

Any questions please contact us on hiddenliveshiddengems@gmail.com

This symposium aims to develop and co-create new paradigms for research data outcomes for art, creative health and wellbeing that include and consider lived experience."

Hidden Lives: Hidden Gems defines Lived Experience as first hand, in the moment, engagement with what is perceived and felt as individual reality. At present research matrixes and scales used to collect the impact of art interventions on lived experience outcomes do not reflect the subjective and non-tangible experiences of those with lived experience.

The international symposium would bring together an international group of experts and practitioners to achieve this from the following disciplines:

  • Experts by Experience
  • Expert by Experience - Artists
  • Creative Practitioners
  • Art Therapists
  • Art Organisations
  • Researchers from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to Sociology, Psychology, Applied Theatre/Art
  • Public Health Experts
  • Funders
  • Medical Anthropologists
  • Social Economists
  • Architects

Call-out image for the conference