Statement on events in Israel and Gaza

White text on a blackground - the text says statement on events in Israel and Gaza

In conjunction with our sister organisation London Arts and Health (LAH) we are issuing the following statement regarding ongoing events in Israel and Gaza.

As an organisation focused on health, wellbeing and equity we urge the UK government to call immediately for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza and to speak up unequivocally for the maintenance of international law and protection and support of civilians, as well as aid and health practitioners. We know that the ongoing horrifying violence will be affecting our members both directly and indirectly. We’re also acutely aware of a rising risk of racism, including Islamophobia and antisemitism, and hate crime in the UK itself. We have worked with LAH to compile a list of support lines below which may be able to help you if your health and/or wellbeing is being affected. If any members would like to discuss any impacts these events are having on their work, we are here to support you – please contact us via our usual email address: (do bear in mind that we are a small organisation and may not be able to respond immediately).

Mental Health Support

In an emergency, call 999 or go to your local A&E department.

If you live in England, you can call a local NHS urgent mental health helpline for support during a mental health crisis. Anyone can call these helplines, at any time.

These helplines offer similar support to a crisis team. The NHS website has more information on urgent mental health helplines, including how to find your local helpline.


Further reading which has helped us: 'What to do when you feel paralyzed by the news' - from Psychology Today