Coronavirus resources

[updated 27 August 2020]

We continue to send our solidarity and support to frontline workers. Please see also our statement of support for #BlackLivesMatter.

    Guidance for reopening and restarting work


    Digital training

    Guidance for working online

    We developed new guidance on working online in collaboration with Arts Marketing Association, 64million Artists and Real Ideas earlier this year, for those of you working or running groups online. You might also want to check:

    Analogue creative resources

    We know that many people are unable to access digital technology, or are finding it overwhelming to do so; here are some ideas and resources for connecting offline:

    For more examples of offline practice see our report and case studies on work designed to reach people shielding at home.

    Digital/online creative resources


    Freelance support

    Weareunlimited have a contingency plan for supporting disabled artists who may be losing work, and general coronavirus resources for disabled artists. Susan Jones has produced an excellent 4-point plan for supporting freelancers, see below.

    If you run a business, venue or charity

    General resources

    #BuildBackBetter: The Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance is a signatory with the #BuildBackBetter coalition: "a platform for everyone who wants us to come out of this crisis a stronger, fairer, greener country."

    Learning from experience, and taking a step back: You can find here a collection of responses and reflections from the LENS group and others with lived experience of the impacts of culture and creativity on their health and wellbeing. We have also brought together a number of reflective articles and blogs to help us think through this crisis and the changes it may bring.

    Evidence we're gathering: You can see a list of the evidence we are gathering of activity in culture, health and wellbeing in relation to covid here. You can hear Rosie Dow present some early results from our survey in this Re-imagining the Future webinar from 18 May 2020.