Coronavirus resources for practitioners and organisations

[updated 27 March 2020]

We are collating information below that we hope will be useful to our members and others.

We send our solidarity and support to frontline workers: cleaners, carers, healthcare staff.  You can join the NHS Volunteer Responders here.

Here is some wise advice on stabilising yourself from Dr Aisha Ahmed, including: "give yourself a proper mental adjustment window ... your body and mind WILL adjust to the new normal. Without that mental shift, you'll fall on your face."

    Freelance support

    Weareunlimited have produced a contingency plan for supporting disabled artists who may be losing work, and general coronavirus resources for disabled artists. Susan Jones has produced an excellent 4-point plan for supporting freelancers, see below, right.

    Practical support from funders

    Also: What Next are producing excellent guidance weekly and also lobbying for additional support in vital areas to keep cultural organisations and freelancers going.

    Digital/online creative resources

    We are developing guidance on digital safeguarding for those of you running groups online/through social media - in the meantime:


    Analogue creative resources

    We know that many people are unable to access digital technology, or are finding it overwhelming to do so; here are some ideas and resources for connecting offline:

    Some of our members' organisations have begun to

    • set up story-chains for the post (a variation on digital story-chains like this)
    • set up phone calls to keep in touch with participants in creative groups or museum volunteers
    • develop training for staff who are required to be in institutions such as hospitals or prisons to deliver creative activities

    Send us more analogue ideas...

    Online events and digital training

    General resources

    If you run a business, venue or charity

    Francois Matarasso's new blog explores challenges for creative practitioners, and his hope that "Perhaps this crisis will prove to be the opportunity to rethink our mutual responsibilities, so that, when we are on the other side, we will start working towards better, kinder societies". Where you can, offer support to people that need it, including those isolated or unwell, but also - crucially - health and care workers, who are struggling with lack of resource, especially in hospital settings. If you are able, you might also want to consider donating to a food bank or a hygeine bank.