Creativity & Wellbeing Week 2020: Positive Futures, 18-24 May

We are reimagining Creativity & Wellbeing Week but keeping its core identity as a festival celebrating the groundbreaking work happening around the country bringing together culture, creativity, health and wellbeing. Our theme remains Positive Futures. Our Creative Festivals Partners are also running festivals this May focused on creative practice, culture, ageing, and participation.

You can read a Director's blog pointing to highlights here.

Participating in the week

We would like you to be able to take part in the week whether you are working on or offline... Visit the site and you will see that there are a few options... You can download resources for the week here.

  1. Tell us about yourselves

We would like our website to be a space to share your work or your organisations’ work in the People & Organisations section. Tell us about yourselves, and add upload images or add links to videos and audio.

  1. Share your ‘offline’ work

Not everyone is working online. Tell us about work you are doing to connect people away from the internet. Please fill in these details in the People & Organisations section.

  1. Online events

If you are able to organise an online event and feel it would be valuable for your work, please do and these details as an Event.

  1. Curated events

London Arts in Health Forum and the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance will be partnering to bring you an onlines events between 18 and 22 May.

Guest curators

We will be working with guest curators in the runup to the week to highlight events and organisations they will be looking at during the week.