Toolkits and factsheets

This section contains toolkits and factsheets that will help you develop cultural and creative programmes in relation to health and wellbeing. For evaluation guidance, please see our research and evaluation pages. If you want to find out about social prescribing, we have a dedicated Social Prescribing: Facts & Links page.

Inspiring Learning

A self-help improvement framework for museums, libraries and archives by MLA that supports organisations

Arts and Cultural Commissioning toolkit

Practical advice and learning from people and organisations in Kent who piloted commissioning for wellbeing in 2014.

NHS Commissioning guide

A quick, visual NHS commissioning guide.

Practical guide to engaging with health and wellbeing boards

A useful guide for those who wish to seek support from their local councils. Written by Compact Voice.

Leadership Development for Care Home Managers

This tool-kit shares learning from Torbay's leadership programme which was co-designed by local artists, Torbay Council, and participating care home managers to build a strong, supportive community of self- motivated, learning leaders.


Age Friendly Standards for cultural organisations

The Age-Friendly Standards are a national self-assessed accreditation for cultural organisations and a recognised and trusted symbol for older audiences and family groups including older people. Organisations that sign-up to the Age-Friendly Standards value all generations and want to provide a welcoming and positive experience for visitors, regardless of their age.

Socio-Economic Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts: A Toolkit for Employers

Jerwood Arts and the Bridge Group have joined forces for this Toolkit with a mission to look to the future: to support long-term change across the arts sector by sharing knowledge, providing expert support, and encouraging take-up of an intersectional approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.